Safer In A Studio

Working out of a salon suite offers many rewards but keeping you and your clients safe is one of the most important, especially during a pandemic.

Listed below are some of the reasons you and your clients are much safer in a suites environment versus a traditional salon.
More Control over Sanitizing between Clients
  • You have complete control over your space and you’ll ensure sanitizing between each and every client. Since you’ll be working out of a smaller space, you can actually quickly sanitize your entire salon suite in between clients instead of just the styling chair/station.
One on One Attention
  • Most of our suites are designed to accommodate only one client at a time (two at the most) so you and your clients will feel safe knowing they are the only client in your space during their service. You also have the option to keep your door shut and make your clients feel even more safe and secure.
No overcrowded Salons or Waiting Areas
  • You nor your clients have to worry about walking into an overcrowded salon or having to wait next to someone they don’t know in a crowded lobby. From start to finish, your client is safe inside your own suite and since it’s only you, the amount of people they need to come into contact with is very limited.
New Clients
  • Clients are so eager for a safer experience that many have transitioned to seeing a stylist who works out of a salon studio instead of visiting a traditional salon. Many of our professionals have actually gained new clients during the pandemic for this reason.
Are you ready to transition to your own, private salon studio? Contact us today to learn more about getting started!