Studio Options & What’s Included

Salon Studios offers a variety of types and sizes of studios for all types of Beauty Professionals. We offer multi-purpose studios for Lash or Nail Techs, Estheticians, Massage Theraptists, etc. We also offer single and double studios plus premium studios on the glass. Check out some of the studio options below and see what’s included in your affordable weekly rent.


Our multi-purpose studios are specifically designed for other types of Beauty Professionals. Great for Lash Techs, Nail Techs, Microblading Techs, Anti-Aging, Aesthetics including Nurse Practitioners, Massage Therapists and even Chiropractors – to name but a few.

Each of Salon Studios’ multi-purpose studios come with a sink, 2 tall cabinets and an optional towel cabinet. Additional equipment or furniture needed is usually supplied by the beauty professional based on their requirements.


Most of our studios are “single studios” or studios created for one person. Some single studios are larger than others and can sometimes accommodate a 2nd chair and mirror. Our single studios include a styling chair, styling station, mirror, backwash unit, towel cabinet, hooded dryer and 2 tall cabinets. Or, feel free to bring your own furniture as our studios are fully customizable!

One huge benefit – except for the backwash unit, you can move all of your furniture around to suit your style and way of working.


Salon Studios offers spacious double studios to accommodate two stylists or beauty professionals working together or for those stylists who prefer having more space so they can double book and maximize their time and earnings. Our double studios are set up for 2 and include up to 5 additional furniture pieces including 2 styling chairs, 2 styling stations, 2 mirrors, plus the other standard furnishings. Or, feel free to bring your own furniture as our studios are fully customizable!

All of the furniture, except the backwash unit can be moved to make your studio better fit your style and way of working.