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The 3 Vital Steps To Success

We all know how to set goals… it’s the attainment that’s hard. Bottom line, it all boils down to paying the price. Each of us has set many goals – some are easy to reach, many others we fail to make. There are many reasons we may fail to attain some of our goals. We […]

Safer In A Studio

Working out of a salon suite offers many rewards but keeping you and your clients safe is one of the most important, especially during a pandemic. Listed below are some of the reasons you and your clients are much safer in a suites environment versus a traditional salon. More Control over Sanitizing between Clients You […]

Ready, Set, Go For It!

“Shoulda, woulda, coulda is way more terrifying than ready, set, go.” – Leighann Lord   98% of the population lives in the mindset of ‘the comfort zone’, playing it safe and settling for status quo.   The rest of the population, live in “the uncomfortable zone” and in spite of fear, take action and reach for […]

Social Media Marketing | Best Practices

Whether you like it or not, we’re all in sales! We have to market ourselves one way or another. If you’re a Beauty Professional everything you do is marketing. From the image you present to the world – how does your hair and make up look when you go out? – to the way your […]